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A video of the performance "from the compass, a dream" for voice and an open ensemble. Improvisation is a central element of this work that employs a graphic score. The performers interpret graphic and text elements as they perform. The text was created through a Markov chain executed on source texts combining various literary sources. These phrases were rearranged and modified to correct grammatical errors and create a more cohesive and poetic text. These phrases were then combined with the musical elements and the image. It was selected and premiered by the Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble for a concert in October 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. From the compass, a dream, the streets were streets and thronged within an infinite period of air. Through it, the sight of verses will see what’s really always been blossoming-- though it seems the dreamers dream of sooty skies. I may be called to be by to be a stranger. I may be called to be by not knowing how that broad flat rock and those weeds ever found the point where no sun shines. If you hear our language in the wild garden, it is no different from the moon playing the first couple of grinding songs. Maintaining that all thought what would remain in the thought impossible