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[ID: A hand drawn comic entitled Rimbaud Says featuring the image of French Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud wearing a bright blue suit jacket with text reading, Insufferable imagination. Just write words to become invisible, to ignore the outside world. Instead beckon tendrils of smoke from the extinguished embers of incense from dilapidated houses crumbling under the heavy burden of the years. Of floorboards bowing beneath the footsteps of inhabitants, of hauntings present and past, beyond the grave and the cosmos and travelling to the underworld to hold your hand and pull you back, to retrieve your flesh and return, reunite again. A modicum of truth clasped to the chest, in the chamber of blood and muscle. The cathedral is draped in shadows and whispers of the unrepentant before the knife is plunged into the flesh, warm and wet, pulsing until extraction. It is a carnal act of clinical execution. Blood flows from the wound.]