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Spring, Washington DC, Cherry Blossoms, Washington Monument, National Park


As winters relentless hold on mother nature succumbs to the early signs of spring, we see the monochromatic slumbering world around us begin to awaken with small splashes of color sprouting from the thawed grounds and flowering branches overhead. As we gallop into brighter and warmer days which lie ahead, lets us give our mind, body and spirit an opportunity to absorb those vibrant colors. Breathe in those sweet, succulent smells. Feel the warmth from the afternoon sun. Hear the glorious sounds of song birds. Taste the new life that grows beneath our feet. Springs awakens. Let us awaken with it. After searching for and finding a cherry blossom window, I set up my tripod for a multiple exposure focal blend, to ensure crispness throughout the scene. And after several failed attempts and then waiting for awhile for no wind and movement with the blossoms, I was finally able to capture a focal stack set of images. The result gives us a depth of sharpness from the cherry blossoms in the foreground to the Washington Monument in the distance.