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Chase Pier Model


Chase Pier Model 2012 This model has been developed as part of a project with Biohabitats, conservation planners. The combined project of science and art is dedicated to developing a device that filters bay water using the natural resources of wind and plants. I have designed a wind powered kinetic sculpture that raises water to assist in turning Chase Pier in Baltimore harbor into a functioning wetland. In the completed full-scale sculpture, spiral pumps will rotate on each side of the pier bringing water to the deck where it will flow into wetland plant beds 300 feet long. How much water will the sculpture raise? At low tide every revolution of the sail elements raises 168 gallons of bay H2O. At high tide the amount of water doubles! Chase Pier Model is 1” =1’ scale, 84” wide 41.5" x 84" x 84" Aluminum, brass, Tyvek, water, plastic tube