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"Behind the Curtain: New Music on Women" grew out of an interest in exploring and celebrating the complex roles that women have performed in and for the arts. The exalted positions of creator and interpreter (composer and performer) have historically been discouraged in women. However, many women gave crucial support and encouragement to the rising artists of their times, and if they lacked the social space to break public artistic grounds themselves, they did have a profound impact in the development of their arts communities through their choices in mentorship and support. This was the world in which salon culture flourished; we are interested in how salon culture evolved and how it has and can become inclusive to all. For this set of commissions, we asked our collaborators to simply choose a woman who inspired them, or a topic about women, and create a piece honoring that woman or topic. The results are six personal and unique musical stories which we are thrilled to present to you. We have learned immensely from each piece and hope to share that knowledge." --The Witches