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"Bronze Disks" Latex and Spray Paint on Wood Panel. 4'x4' This work showcases big, archetypical, circular forms: one massive one at center with similar, but not identical smaller versions orbiting it closely in a set pattern approximately equidistant from each other and the larger sphere that brings to mind the fecund earth and other organic forms like planets, stars, flowers, and cells. The forms emit curious rays that further reinforces the living quality. The organic richness is at odds with the black and bronze color scheme that bring to mind metal and the lack of light, which living things need to grow and survive. The irregular, shaky planks that form a rectangular field connect the round objects and anchor them to the square surface where they wiggle and squirm against the linear edges like a spirited mandala. The interior of the forms are packed with carved, honeycombed spaces that vibrate and push and pull against each other to occupy the active field. The metallic surface reflects back light, while the black paint absorbs it, forming patterns that resemble nature’s mantel of worn rock, tree rings, horny plants, and seeds clinging together, each piece orbiting in its right place in the hierarchy of sentient forms.