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Boy To Man, marker on paper, 16"x9.5" Boy to Man explores the inner dialogue of the transition from dependence (youth) to manhood. We have all uttered phrases such as "Why can't I? It wasn't my fault. I'm scared. It doesn't hurt. Real men don't cry." Using the dragonfly's profound metamorphosis as a metaphor, I include the baby and boy inside the man. Responsibility Man, marker on paper, 16"x8.5" Responsibility Man explores the roles and expectations that many men have come to demand from themselves and that which much of society echoes. There are ladders to climb, directions to navigate, and successes to achieve. In many cultures, men are seen as the providers and protectors. The archetype of men suggests that physical strength is additionally masculine. I have used a roulette wheel to symbolize that which is seen as success or failure depending upon who spins the wheel.