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2017 2-channel Video Installation (Loop 2:25) Variable Dimensions, Approx: 11' x 27' x 8' Performers: Mandy Morrison, Samantha Siegel, Tiara Francis Director of Photography: Adan Rodriquez As the American proclivity of success and achievement is partially defined by home-ownership, and at the very least ‘having a roof over one’s head’, living apart from this norm, segregates those who have neither and casts them as ‘disposable’. Just as used and unwanted furniture is left in the street for garbage pick-up, those who are unable to participate in consumerist class ‘norms’ are viewed as unclean and-in turn- unworthy outcasts; victims of their corporeal existence. Unable to benefit from or participate in the ‘disruptive’ digital age, they exist in the marginal ‘cracks’ of exterior physical spaces. In the performative video work being presented here I am contrasting some of these overarching structural ‘cracks ‘against the corporeal. By playing with disposable materials (cardboard) that can also serve as temporary shelter-structures (boxes), or moving materials, and using distressed furnishings, as a form of clothing or armature, I play with ideas about invisibility, protection, vulnerability, and exposure. I am also using my body as a vehicle to represent decay and the inevitable entropy of the flesh. Working alongside other performers, I am conscious of how temporary structures, flesh and detritus operate collectively as a stand-in for the marginalized elements of the larger collective.