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Dirt on cut Styrofoam 36" x 72" x 9" Has a counter part (please see Bound-Tree above) which consists of 20 birch trees bound in plaster the diameter of which fits perfectly with the outer circumference of the dirt holes. “We have grown accustomed to always think the restriction around us….That is how we forget that we are limitless, we make a faith in our confinement.” ~Ulrich Schaffer Bound, initiates a dialogue between freedom and confinement. The concept evolved from thoughts I was having of being bound. Bound by our body, bound by gender, bound by fear, bound by desire, bound by debt, bound by the media, bound by illness, bound by government, bound by religion, bound by thoughts and bound by responsibilities. Eventually I realized that I had “made a faith in my confinement” and forgotten that “I am limitless.” Using the tree as a metaphor the installation is broken down into two parts: the tree and the soil. The first piece Bound-Tree consists of twenty Birch trees, each with their root ball bound in plaster. The trees themselves have previously been bound forcing the branches upward into tight clusters. The trees are then arranged in a square grid format contradicting natural growth patterns. This formal composition reinforces the idea of confinement. The second piece Bound-Soil is a direct response to Bound-Tree. It consists of twenty dirt holes again arranged in a square grid format and mounted to the wall. The diameter of each soil hole mimics each trees plaster base. However, the hole gradually gets smaller making it impossible to actually fit the root ball inside. Together these works contradict the usual way the tree is perceived, creating a new and thought provoking way to regard them, while reflecting on personal thoughts of freedom.