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Runtime 5:50 minutes HD video. BOND SALON complicates Bond's concerns for concealing information, security through obscurity, and wearing a narrative to help her avoid further assimilation into the show’s ensemble cast. Bond is played by Betty Fashionopulous. This salon, where nearly every surface is mirrored, is a disorienting place to work. Modeled after a CIA office, a traditional hair salon, and Vogue’s fashion closet, the salon—like the nosey neighbor on the block—uses its surfaces to absorb rumors and gossip. On screen the artists build elaborate foil headgear, first introduced into their work in the DUOX4Larkin exhibition in 2012. During BOND SALON the foil hats are worn to either keep information from entering or exiting. In this season the hats are the hope; the inexpensive cost and ease of construction combat paranoia and conspiracy theories. Bond has a secret to unveil in Season 3, but receiving her message is the hard part. The voice of Genesis (Season 1 character) is heard throughout the video. A question raised by an inner city middle schooler in HBO's The Wire remains on our minds throughout this project: "How do you get from here to the rest of the world?"