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B'more Artscene Project


A HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPH OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN VISUAL ARTISTS OF BALTIMORE. A true Who's Who of the Baltimore art scene. This will be the largest assemblage of professional Baltimore African American Artists. In the world of art there is often a stigma and/or issues associated with supporting local artists; particularly artist of color. Baltimore has a rich legacy of visual artist whose contributions represent the very fabric of the city. These artists may have national and/or international acclaim, yet they often go unrecognized within their own community. Their works decorate our great city, however only a few local galleries validate their contributions. In addition local institutions rarely utilize these artists wealth of experience and knowledge. They often face the continued challenges of biased selection in several local art exhibitions and festivals. B'more ArtScene will feature the artists, and Artrepreneurs that actively represent the Baltimore art scene. This gathering is a reunion of sorts for these artisans that evolved during the development of the city. This will be a rare gathering of visionary and dynamic creators, who use art to heal, uplift and empower