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resin art painting by Farida Hughes


Oil, resin, graphite on panel, 20 x 20", 2019 | Coming from a multi-cultural, dual-religion household, where differences were often a point of contention, my latent concerns of identity and community have increasingly become the content of my artwork. As an American daughter of first generation Indian/German descent, there is a personal awareness of being different in all groups; I developed strategies of blending in, which affected my deep interest in personal identity vs. community growth, energy and bonding, group formation, group movement, and human social behavior. Abstraction serves as metaphor for this commentary on social interactions. My images explore forms as individuals of unique character, yet also as part of the collective energy of a whole, symbolically referencing how lives and relationships intersect and synchronize, self-segregate, and become interdependent. My children are a blend of Indian, German, Hungarian, Welsh and Irish.