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yellow and green blend painting by Farida Hughes


Oil, resin, acrylic, ink on wood 20” x 20”, 2021 | "I am Sičangu Lakota through my mother and German and Welsh American through my father. There may be some mystery blood in there as well that remains unknown because of my mom’s adoption. My mother was born on the reservation but adopted out to white missionaries at the age of 18 months. This is how she ended up being raised in Wisconsin and how [she] met my dad whose family also had settled in Wisconsin. I went to Haskell Indian Nations University, a tribal college in Lawrence, KS. This is where I met my husband. He is Navajo, San Carlos Apache and Quechan. Our children are Lakota, Navajo, San Carlos Apache, Quechan, German and Welsh. (And potentially some unknown elements as well!)"