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Abstract painting by Farida Hughes


Oil, resin, and graphite on wood panel, 20 x 20", 2020 | "I was born in Haifa, Israel, to an Argentinean father and an Israeli mother. My parents both have a bit of a story, my dad left Argentina during the “Dirty War” military dictatorship, after being a political prisoner. My mother is a second-generation Holocaust survivor. I grew up speaking Hebrew and Spanish at home and learned English at school. We moved to Mexico City when I was 5, where I went to school until the age of 15. We then returned to Israel for one year and then moved to San José, Costa Rica, where I spent the last two years of high school. I then came to the US for college, then moved to NYC to be an artist, met my husband while I was in graduate school in NYC. Together we lived in NY, then Memphis, TN, and then Minneapolis. "