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Abstract painting by Farida Hughes


Oil, resin, and graphite on wood panel, 20 x 20", 2021 | "i was born in iowa and raised in minnesota, tho i wandered the united states, canada, india and mexico from hippie days to the present. i am of norwegian descent on my mother's side (winona, minnesota) and scotch/irish/english/welsh on my father's mother’s side (nebraska and wyoming) and mexican on my fathers father’s side (chihuahua). family names are edwin stenehjem, selmina hefte (and trejus) on the norwegian side. mabil smith (and cloyd) on my father’s mother’s side. and jose’ de jesus’ padilla torres on my grandfather’s side. the norwegian side were farmers, then clothiers, then insurance salesmen. the smiths were cowyboys and sheriffs, then a tailor. my grandpa was a classical musician, then a wandering musician, then a tailor. in addition, according to my dna sampling (, beyond the scandinavian and british isles, i have native american, french, spanish, , and eastern european jewish blood (the diaspora of jews fleeing spain to mexico?)