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resin art painting by Farida Hughes


Oil, resin, graphite on panel, 20 x 20", 2019 | "I'm half-Mexican and half-Irish… I lived in Mexico as a kid and moved [to the US] for first grade. I was back in Mexico [recently] and I ran into a woman who had not seen me since I was five years old. She watched me speaking with [my daughter and wife] in English, and blinked at me in amazement, saying, "the last time I saw you, you didn't even know *how* to speak English." It was a powerful reminder of how my life changed moving here. [My daughter] is a quarter Mexican, a quarter Polish, a quarter Irish and a quarter Scottish. When we landed in MN after being away, she saw her breath from the cold and said: "This is what home should look like." We are having very different childhoods."