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resin art painting be Farida Hughes


Resin, oil, graphite on panel, 20 x 20", 2017 | "So I'm half Ashkenazi Jew half U.K. My father's family immigrated from ghettos in Poland and the Ukraine. There is one great great grandparent we don't know where she came from.  Breast cancer runs higher in Ashkenazi Jews, so I had some extra genetic testing done. My mother's family traced her lineage back to the Mayflower (though when I sent the information into the Mayflower Society and Daughters of the American revolution, they had no record of that lineage, and then it seemed like too big a project to pursue). There were ancestors from Northern Ireland, but protestants. I did once and it came up that there were Huguenots, Protestants from Northern France…[b]ut my mom was unaware of that..."