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More Mrs. Karl's to introduce a couple more from Mrs. Karl's Blog: We are deep in November and I’m canceling appointments left and right. Karl, I say, do me a favor, por favor? Karl knows what’s coming. Go out and get me some treats? I can’t move, I say, to Karl. Since it’s late, the dogs, too, are in fetal positions on our bed. Karl puts on a T-shirt. Karl goes out. Karl comes back. Balances the still-wrapped straw on the lid. Team Wayward, says Karl. Team Problem with Authority. Team Where Do We Go From Here. *** “Good-bye to Shy.” Our local community college is offering the course. Online. I tell Karl we should take it together. That it will help with his business. And that I’ll figure out why I clam up when I’m in a room with others who do what I do. Karl, I say, you can uncover something about the fragile human psyche that’ll make your Karma T-shirts better. People will snap them up. It’ll be simpler. Being who we really are. Karl thinks this is a good idea except he decides it’s enough to follow me around taking notes.