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Bethesda Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1880. It is three bays wide by four bays deep and one story high. This brick building rests on a stone foundation and has a gabled roof. The church was built with a wooden shake roof, which lasted about 20 years. In 1901 it was decided to replace the wooden roof with a slate roof. Rather than removing the wood roof, the gable was raised, making the pitch of the roof steeper, and the slate roof was installed above the original roof. Windows are gothic arched double-hung, fitted with stained glass. As was common for Methodist Episcopal churches of the time, it was built with separate entrances for men and women. The entrances have double doors capped by a gothic arched transom fitted with stained glass, with a gothic arched window between the doors. Bethesda is a fine example of the Gothic Revival Style, with a Victorian interior featuring its original gas light fixtures, complete with reflectors, now electrified. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Harman Gloss Baryta - Digital Photography.