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Painted in a live modeling session in November of 2019 ”A Bar at the Folies de Grace" was inspired by the work of Édouard Manet’s, "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère". In my study and exploration of art I often times pull my ideas from the masters. In this instance I found Manet’s composition most interesting as he had his young model posed with arms open. A simple gesture but her facial expression was that of disconnect or even despair. Manet’s bar maid looked less than engaged as her customer interacted with her. Manet’s painting created well over one hundred years ago depicted the fickle interaction of man and woman. A young woman exhausted from an evening of serving cocktails to a never ending line of gentlemen who without doubt are requesting more than beverages. In a nod to the great master, Manet is depicted in the upper right corner and is speaking to the bar maid of the past’s reflection. It was important to me to bring Manet and his model along in this current example of his great theme.