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Baltimore City Paper - Sunny Disposition: Liz Meredith & John Somers Go Epic on 5 LP Box Set


“The Disposition of Vibrant Forms is an epic release in every sense of the word. It’s also quite frequently breathtakingly gorgeous, a recording that rewards spending the time it takes to drink it in. […] Each piece is an example of extreme subtlety, music that works in different ways at low or intense volumes and becomes borderline hallucinogenic through headphones. What can initially sound like a snail’s plodding journey also carries these little dancing tones in clusters, and the ear begins to seek them out patiently. Such minute alterations, like a window’s lights coming on in Warhol’s Empire, occur over such elongated time periods that they accrue a dramatic impact. […] ‘Montebello Lake’ parts I and II suggest late-afternoon sunlight slowly drifting into dusk. Meredith’s viola lines trace long drones that capture that levitating twilight when the sun sets yet the sky remains bathed in light. Somers’ guitar textures get smeared into long shadows, and the piece concludes in a ringing tone of night’s arrival, that reminder that dark has imperceptibly swallowed the sky and it’s time to head home.” - Bret McCabe, "Sunny Disposition: Liz Meredith and John Somers Go Epic on 5 LP Box Set." Baltimore City Paper Vol. 37, No.12 (March 20-27, 2013).