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B4 Youth Theatre is our partner organization in MASKS FOR GOOD. They have made a positive impact in Liberia already with their arts and literacy education programming, and currently have 4 training sites that are active year round in Liberia. B4 Youth Theatre Makes a Difference: In 2010 Liberian public school was free up to grade 7. Later that year, the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to see B4 Youth Theatre's inaugural performance, "Problems to Solve", which dealt heavily with access to education. The next year, free and public school was extended through grade 9 as compulsory for all Liberian children. In the Summer of 2014 and 15, B4 Youth integrated mask performance into the playwriting work of all four current training sites in Liberia in order to help the students tell the story of Ebola and Stigma in their lives and communities. They will do so again in their summer training in 2016, with Tara there to provide instructors with professional training.