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Autumn, Path, Fall, Tree, Maryland


It’s like seeing an old friend when autumn arrives on your door step. All year you see glimpses of what's to come, as if you're having a short phone conversation with a life long buddy about getting back together sometime soon. You walk past groves of trees or individual beauties (like this tree) during the winter, spring and summer, but they just blend into everyday life … like mowing your lawn, washing the laundry, grocery shopping or doing the dishes. However, when the seasons change and that color begins to showcase that autumn beauty, it's as if that best friend who you’ve only been able to talk to over the phone, rings your door bell with a suitcase in one hand and a long list of new stories to share in the other. It makes you smile and makes you happy. One of my favorite ways to capture an autumn scene is when you have a layer of clouds overhead. It’s like mother nature's soft box. It helps create even lighting throughout and I believe creates a more vibrant and even color tones within the scene. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a dramatically lit scene by the sun, but during the autumn months, I actually get more excited about overcast days than sunny ones. Call me crazy, I just feel it’s more pleasing to my eye and I feel it creates more vibrance within the entire canopy of the tree and its leaves.