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When the temperatures drop and the October crisp air takes hold within the Portland area, the most famous Japanese Maple, in perhaps the entire US, takes center stage. Its shapely leaves morph into a dome of gorgeous autumn colors, as its dark branches, covered in vibrant green moss, twist in every direction possible, creating an almost unimaginable contrast of colors, curves and and lines. And as those colors begin to change and the crowds arrive to the Portland’s Japanese Gardens, I bring you a set of images of that amazing tree from a few autumns ago. This time with an accompanying full pano to see the entire visual beauty that this particular tree offers during the peak of its autumn color. This is captured with my Canon 16-35mm 2.8L III lens, racked out to 16mm and I’m holding and hovering my Canon 5D Mark IV just above the mossy ground and pointing it almost completely straight up. Shot at f/10 to keep both depth and sharpness throughout, this version of the 16-35L lens is beautiful from center to edge, as the corners are almost perfect compared to the previous versions.