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Audio Visual Marc Carey with Abbey Lincoln & Don Griffin Published on Mar 18, 2016 Audio / Visual Presentation with Marc Carey, Piano, Abbey Lincoln, Vocals Featuring: "Down Here Below" and Don Griffin Fine Artists' Abandoned Blues Part 1 & Part 2 Mixed Media Collage on Watercolor Paper. The Abstract Expressionist composition titled Abandoned Blues Part 1 & Part 2 was created as a result of listening to Marc Cary and Abbey Lincoln perform Down Here Below. I chose not to use punching color to describe the strength and depth I experienced from this musical masterpiece of these two individuals, Marc Cary and Abbey Lincoln. Jazz has for a long time been in the forefront of my work as an African American Abstract Expressionist. The platform of Virtual Audio Visual Collaborations has intrigued me profoundly! It is my intention to offer these Gems upon every opportunity wherein I hear great Jazz and it connects with my work. When I hear it I know it! I suggest this video be viewed at Full Screen size, so one can become immersed in the Wholeness, of this virtual audio visual presentation´╗┐ Commentary By: Anthony McKissic These works by Don Griffin are like soft weights. They are dense but delicate and remind me of private notes written in a codex, reserved for a reader of extremely high intellect. I feel a wonderful tension that causes me to teeter between the living and the dead, due to the dense and often times atmospheric separation between material above and below the surface. The work makes me want to peek over the horizon line into the storm. It's beautiful and haunting stuff. I feel something's coming, but I can't tell if it is a refreshing rain or a full onslaught of stormy destruction. I'm drawn to these pieces in the way a photograph pulls me. These are mysterious inscriptions of a private dance between Don and his thoughts. However, there is enough information for me to create my own narrative and dance with the work as well.