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3’x3’ multidimensional vignette that layer illustration, a sewn tapestry, archival prints of other sewn tapestries, a painted backdrop, research & exploration. The illustration of my Aries Muse is based on a photoshoot collaboration inspired by the adjectives strength & determination which embody my expression of Aries. Aries hangs in her ring of fire symbolizing Aries’ element & expansive skill in resilience. This illustration is in front of a 20”x20” sewn tapestry of Mars, the home planet of Aries. The planets on the side are archival prints of other sewn tapestries created for this project, they represent the Sun, which is in its exaltation, Pluto which is also in its exaltation, Venus which is in its detriment and Saturn which is in its fall. The background is a shimmery painted night sky with the embroidered constellation: Aries. created in the fall of 2016