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It was a fun and exciting time getting to Turret Arch at sunrise on this morning. I had been photographing the Milky Way and the stars under Delicate Arch in the early morning and after twilight arrived and we began losing the stars and I quickly packed up my gear and semi-sprinted down the red rocks to the RV. I quickly drove over (within the speed limit) to the windows area of the park and then hiked quickly up and through North Window Arch, scrambled up some rocks on the other side to one of the most incredible locations to watch a sunrise in Arches N.P. (if you’re not afraid of heights) … through North Window with a view of Turret Arch. The sun was only a few minutes from rising, I’d made it. I quickly set up my gear and made sure nothing fell, as it was a couple of stories down the rocks and no camera or lens (or photographer) would survive that fall. As the sun burst onto the arches, I captured a few frames of the scene and then twisted on my 10-stop ND filter and started capturing some long exposures. I ended on 95-second exposures, which turned the fast moving clouds above into a blurry goodness. I was able to snap off a few frames at that length of exposure before the light of the sun changed and wasn’t as dramatic.