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'all armed and grown up' (2019-2020) from the series 'the diamond in the middle of things' (media: wood, concrete, construction string, acrylic, found object dimensions: variable, approx. space required 49 x 49 x 34 inches (boards: 23.5 x 23.5 x 0.5 inches; concrete supports: 9.5 inches high)). As installation for 'The Shed Space' (Baltimore) in 2021, 'all armed and grown up' is the centre-piece for a shrine to the goddess Athena. The title and centre-piece - a seated warrior - refers to a description of Athena's birth, arriving "all armed and grown up from her father's brain". In Psychological terms, as goddess of the city (of Athens), Athena represents the complete self, expertly holding together many moving parts, parts that are undergoing a constant process of change and renewal. 'The diamond (in the middle of things)' is a series of assemblages that find psychological meaning in their juxtaposition with new feminine translations and often overlooked interpretations of Ancient Greek mythologies.