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'all armed and grown up' (2019-2020) object assemblage with wood, concrete, construction string and acrylic (dimensions: variable, approx. space required 49 x 49 x 34 inches (boards: 23.5 x 23.5 x 0.5 inches; concrete supports: 9.5 inches high)). Seated warrior formed from a series of wood panels that represent each stage in their making. The panels have been cut, rotated and finally re-joined with French knitting. This knitted panel rests on four upturned cast concrete cones and is accompanied by the orange staff which was used to tamp down air bubbles in the casting process. Arriving "all armed and grown up" is a description of Athena's birth, in complete form,"from her father's head". As metaphor for the art-object and in psychological terms, as goddess of the city (of Athens), Athena represents the complete self, expertly holding together many moving parts, parts that are unconsciously undergoing a constant process of change and renewal. As installation for 'The Shed Space' (Baltimore) in 2021, 'all armed and grown up' is the centre-piece for a shrine to the goddess Athena.