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SYNOPSIS:   What exactly constitutes an apology, whether voiced in public arenas or by regular folk in the privacy of our homes and offices?  Is it enough to say "I'm sorry that..." (the offense happened)?  Or "I'm sorry you​..." (were offended)?  Or must an apology begin, "I'm sorry I...​(committed the offense)?  Must responsibility be taken?  Or can the offense be dismissed as an accident?  an unintentional slip of the tongue due to ignorance or diminished faculties or simply a misunderstanding?  What are the possible effects of a sincere apology?  An insincere one?  What does it mean to forgive?  Who benefits?  Are there some offenses that are unforgivable?  Does forgiveness require  more than an apology?  This play explores the theme of forgiveness in seventeen discrete two-character scenes.  It raises questions about the nature, purpose and dynamics of apology, repentance, and regret, as well as the need for and cost of giving, getting, delaying, withholding, and negotiating forgiveness.  And sometimes it's funny.

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