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I release a visual interpretation directed by me and Jedicom (who did the editing/animation) of a single on ALREADY, titled "I, Exist". The video was premiered by Afro Punk. Credits Video was created by Baltimore based animation and projection artist Johnny Rogers. Song produced by Schwarz. Lyrics and vocal composition by Abdu Ali. Photos tagged adidas stripes and couch1 are by Walker Seydell. Photos tagged hzybr are by Heezy Bear. Other photos are just stills from video. Artist Statement "It was raining bad one day, I was very very grey too, and thankfully a shed of light came upon in form of a thought: I'm still here. We are all still here. Very much alive even in the shadiest rain, where time isn't present, we are still up. Remember out loud: I, Exist. " - Abdu Ali More about the song: Context: I believe it's good to chant that in your head daily, I exist, because the world is shady, and the challenges we face every fucking day are definitely trying to persuade us that we don't exist or that we have no right to exist, etc. So I thought it be a good idea to create a basic repetitive song, almost like a positive form of propaganda to force in listeners' minds that they do exist, that could only really stand strong on a hypnotizing repetitive linear sound like Baltimore club or Afro Beat. I also compare myself to things we see as immortal like the clouds, the pyramids around the globe in asia, south america, and Egypt, and of course the Sun. All powerful motifs and symbols. We are just as important as they are. Yes physically our bodies die but I believe our energy and essence still is apart of the universe even after so. That gives all of our existence on earth importance and poignance. Sound: Inspired by the sounds and prolific voice of Fela Kuti, I wanted to infuse that inspiration with what I get and do from home sound Baltimore Club music which isn't too far from Afro-Beat anyway. Both sounds come from the same soul, the same roots. Both sounds are upbeat, colorful, and yet heavy in context and instruments which are used in a simple yet complex way. Recently I just been really inspired to connect to my roots, Africa and other sounds created by brown people from all over like Baile Funk, Reggae, etc and seeing how that comes back to Baltimore Club music. I just think it's fascinating how sounds are so diff yet so much the same. We are all still connected through music. Video: A being in space on a journey from planet to planet leaving landmarks/knowledge that are infinite, while also running into other infinite beauties.