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My art is a collection of artifacts abandoned in the world around me. I collect this plastic, metal, wire, string, yarn, toys and other discarded objects because these things have value, value that may have been used up by someone else. I feel like I am never not making art. Collecting, sorting, cataloging and organizing what I find is a form of art making in and of itself. When I exclusively painted I was always looking at how layers could be exposed and covered up and exposed again. The sculpture I make now is made in layers. My first layer is finding interesting objects. My second layer is organizing them by color, texture and size. My third layer is sorting them to fit into the object I want to make. My fourth layer is what you see, the sculpture itself; sometimes its recognizable and sometimes its more abstract. All of the artifacts I collect and assemble represent the overflowing sea of consumed possessions that were once meaningful to someone and have purpose again. My process of has slowly evolved. I approach art making as a painter first. Weather I am using paints or multi-colored objects I am always thinking about contrast, texture, color, and process. Paintings I had created became more textural and eventually I incorporated artifacts I had collected. From there I began making pieces entirely of detritus. First I made spheres, then the spheres became heads, then I made the Junk Warriors. Eventually it made sense to me that these things could become their own environments, the balls were just miniature versions of the installations that I wanted to make.