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An experimental remake of the 1999 Robin Williams feature film comedy “Bicentennial Man,” starring Marcelline as “Nam Nam,” a robot who wanders the earth for two hundred years trying to become human so they can die. A collaborative film project by video artist Travis Levasseur, performance artist Marcelline, and filmmaker Corey Hughes. The project was shot in 4 sections, corresponding to the seasons, over the course of a year with an alternating crew of artists, filmmakers, and performers. Each section of the film has an original score composed by a different musician (Will Schorre, Sneaks, Jared Brown, & Nerftoss). Music / Winter ~ Will Schorre / Spring ~ Eva Moolchan / Summer ~ Jared Brown / Fall ~ John Jones Costume Design / Helen Jackson-Adams & Marcelline Assistant Director / Emily Bach Production Assistant / Stephanie Wallace Sound Mix / George Cessna 200 Nam Nam premiered at the Borscht Corp Film Festival in Miami, Florida and was screened in Baltimore at Open Space's PMF VIII Launch Party at The Crown. It participated in the Macao Milano's Nocturnal Reflections Screening Series in 2018.