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Pour yourself a cup of tea, turn your (right) ear toward your speakers and take a listen to the very first episode of the Hidden Brain podcast. We're talking a lot about feedback. First, we'll hear from author Sheila Heen about a common communication problem that pops up in many relationships. Then, host Shankar Vedantam and author Daniel Pink will play a rapid-fire game of Stopwatch Science. They'll give you some tips that might help you communicate better — and perhaps even have better luck bumming a cigarette. Hidden Brain logo Subscribe to the Hidden Brain Podcast! After that, Vedantam sits down for tea with comedian Meshelle, the Indie Mom of Comedy. They talk about the importance of rituals — until they get sidetracked by an unexpected visitor. This week, NPR's Adam Cole also joins the podcast for a game we're calling ColePlay (with apologies to a British pop band you may have heard of). He's listening in to all the segments and then composing a song stitching them all together. Listen all the way to the end of the episode to hear the song!