Nathan Bell Past Winner

"Colors" Compositions for banjo with the accompaniment of cello, violin, viola, bass and percussion. , 2008

Upside Down World, Improvised pieces recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Rogerio Martins , 2010

SPACESHIP EARTH, Improvised recording session with McWatt members Seth Bennet and Sarah McWatt. Leeds, UK , October, 2011

Badgers Moon, Improvised recordings with Black Octagon done in Bishops Castle, UK 2011, October, 2011

TRUMPET SONG / BRASSA BELL live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010

clip from Live set, Super Sonic Festival, UK , October 22, 2011

live BRASSA BELL, Sao Paulo, Brazil , 2010

Live set in Brno, Czech Republic, December 2011

live at Jardins Synthetiques, Touluse, France, 11/21/2010