How to Reactivate Your Nomination

You must reactivate your nomination each year to confirm you remain eligible.

If you participated last year your nomination files and text with be saved just as you had left them from last year and it will go live.

If you have never previously nominated yourself for the Baker Artist awards you must create a new nomination. Click Here to begin your nomination.  For instructions on starting your nomination, Click Here. 


To reactivate your account:

Log in (upper right hand corner of the front page) with your email account, and enter your password***

– it will automatically go to your edit profile page. 

Fill out/Update the profile page.

This year we require that you include your full residential address and choose one specific discipline for your nomination. 

(Make sure you read and click on all the small terms of agreement boxes) 

It will immediately (in 5 minutes) send you a reactivation link to your provided email.

Click on that link and it will be reactivated for this year.

If you go to log in and it doesn’t accept the password – click on Forgot password to reset.

If you do not get an email to reactivate or to reset your password – first check you spam folder, then your delete folder. Your provider may be filtering it out.

If you can find no email contact
we will figure out how to activate it.

***If you get a sign saying name or email address in use, you are probably trying to create a new account instead of activating an old one.

We will have to delete one.

You can only have one account.

Send us your name, email address it is under, your username and password.

Also a phone number you can be reached if necessary.




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