Congratulations to the first round of 2012 b-Grant winners!

Ladies and gentlemen, the first round of b Grant winners for the 2012 Baker Artist Awards:

Miranda Pfeiffer

"They Could Not See The Water"

 “Miranda is an artist and hand-drawn animator living in Baltimore, MD. Her work has appeared in the Maryland Film Festival as well as the Receiver Time-Based Media Festival in Charleston, S.C.”

Click here to view Miranda’s nomination

Tiffany Jones

From the project "A Look Inside"

“Creating art for Tiffany became a comfort by being an outlet, and often inspired by music and her environment. It allowed her to express her opinion on various events throughout her life such as teen pregnancy, teen violence, and self exploration. From photography to illustration, it is the process of creation that engages her in her work.”

Click here to view Tiffany’s nomination

Brent Crothers

"The Shroud"

"Book Dome"

“I grew up the son of a plumber in Harford County,Maryland. At twenty-four, I purchased 20 acres of undeveloped forest. It was there that I started trusting my intuition and allowed myself to play with the materials of the forest. It was there that I became an artist.”

Click here to view Brent’s nomination


Stay tuned:  We have 6 more b Grants to award for the 2012 season, and the next three winners will be announced next month!

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